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This is our chance to make an impact and build the city that we want for future generations.


My Mission

Put our citizens and local business first.

This means reducing expenses, cutting back on city pensions, and spending tax payer money on only the most important needs of the city.  The role of government is to create an environment where business can create jobs, culture can flourish, and citizens can enjoy the city. 

My Platform

6 Priorities


Reduce Property tax

Property tax has nearly doubled over the last 10 years and we can no longer put this burden on our citizens and business owners.  I will reduce property tax and diversify our revenue streams.


Donate 50% of my Salary

We need to drastically cut back on executive salaries and luxurious pensions at City Hall.  I will take the first step by reducing the mayors salary and donating 50% of my salary each month to local charities


Automate Permit System

Permits in this city can take up to 6 months long.  This slows down our economy and limits our production.  I will fully revamp the system and automate the process.


Art Policy

Calgary will only install art that is made in Calgary, by a Calgarian.  I will personally approve every installation before it is paid for.  No more blue circles.


Green Line

The green line is not the best use of 5.5 Billion Dollars right now.  We need to help our business owners and the 11% of home owners that couldn't afford property tax last year.


Tax Foreign Companies

Tax large foreign companies that are currently profitable to offset property tax reductions for Calgary Citizens.

My Philosophy

The job of the mayor and city counsel is to make decisions for Calgarians that will spend their tax dollars on the most important priorities.  To me this means building a city that facilitates new business, encourages local art, and embraces diverse cultures.


It also means making the hard decisions to cut expenses, reduce salaries, and re-evaluate the projects we spend our money on.  Calgary needs a leader than can look at every decision without the cloud of bureaucracy or the influence of past relationships.


My goal is to be that leader.


Thank you.





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